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Ostendo operational software - job costing and much much more.

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Ostendo is a Business Software solution designed ‘from the ground up’ using today’s technology.  Its foundation is a revolutionary framework design that allows it to address functionality and features not available in ‘traditional’ Software.  For example:

  • Ostendo covers the complex diversity within business operations rather than just the basics
  • Includes functional areas not normally addressed such as Warranty Control, ‘Drag and Drop’ Planning Board, multiple stocking Units of Measure with barcodes, Multi-level Bill of Materials, Job Costing, Manufacturing Costing, Batch & Expiry date control, Item Traceability, Negative stock, Job and Project Cost projections, etc
  • Increased ‘Real -Time’ visibility of information
  • Includes many cost reduction techniques (Order-on-Demand, zero Inventory, etc)
  • Allows you to develop and integrate your own unique ‘Value-Add’ solution(s)
  • Includes a flexible Report Writer to create new and amend existing Reports
  • Fully integrates with existing financial applications so you don’t have to change your accounting practices
  • Adds advanced inventory, job costing, projects, manufacturing costing, service & CRM to your MYOB, Reckon, Quickbooks, Sage, Moneyworks or Xero accounting.

Ostendo operational software: -

  • Designed to cover the complete business activities for a wide range of industries
  • Provides a comprehensive and integrated solution that addresses the operational needs of the business
  • Uses the latest technology to ensure that the end user benefits from its flexibility and ease of use
  • Has a price tag that is unparalleled in today’s marketplace
  • Has a vision for the future which will ensure that the very latest technologies and methodologies will be used to reflect and improve the way your Business is run

By providing you live and accurate data right on your desktop Ostendo operational software helps your business overcome many of the issues faced in today's competitive business environment.

With Ostendo you and your staff can concentrate on the activities which generate income and profits.

Using the latest communications technology Ostendo enables field staff to add or update sales and jobs in real time from wherever they are working, so you don’t miss out on sales and service income caused by lost or destroyed paper work and you have real job costing for all your jobs.

With Ostendo it is now possible to install the most cost effective and fully configured ERP software solution on the market and keep your existing accounting system. We can hear your accountant, payroll and administration staff cheering!!