Ostendo Operational Software| Job Costing | MYOB

Traceability for your food & beverage products.

Ostendo manufacturing and inventory with lot/batch number & expiry date management.

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Catering Services
  • Fast order entry pad
  • Provision for the support of retail selling prices
  • A margin check facility at the time of sales order entry and invoicing
  • A key material availability check on sales order entry taking into account shelf life or expiry date
  • Lot & batch traceability
  • Expiry date control
  • Backflush of production with the ability to retain Lot traceability
  • Production sequencing using ‘keys’ to take account of 
    • Set up/clean down
    • Contamination issues
  • Inventory pre-mixes with shelf life
  • Flexible Product definition with ingredients, recipes, extended notes
  • Internal shelf life and use-by date
  • Van sales capability including route and load planning
  • Food related inspection of Goods inwards
    • Temperature
    • Vehicle cleanliness
    • Time of delivery etc
    • Expiry dates
    • Lot number
  • Invoicing based on Proof of Delivery with Van Sales support
  • Invoices based on price at Order/Despatch/Into Depot (customer receipt)
  • Promotions pricing

Production Planning

  • Determine an effective Production Strategy for seasonal/non-seasonal demand
  • Documentation enables immediate start of the issuing of material, of production and of picking

Shop Scheduling

  • Provision of product specifications with photo's / videos to be displayed on terminals
  • Graphical scheduling of lines and work centres
  • Facility to generate the production paper work in the form of ingredient issuing sheets, material requisitions, recipes and operating instructions and bar coded labels
  • Backflushing of completed batches either automatically using pre-allocated ingredients or manually by flagging the inventory items and quantities actually consumed
  • Track income and expenses by job or Batch.
  • Consolidate costing data by job/batch number

Quotes, Orders, and Invoices

  • Enter/Edit customers on the fly.
  • Auto create and fill backorders.
  • Easily change customer quotes into orders or invoices.
  • Track sales activity per salesman.
  • Track batches & expiry dates to customer/orders
  • Use Lists to process recurring customer orders without re-entering data.
  • Enter orders from multiple locations.
  • Multi-Level Pricing
  • Control multiple warehouse locations.
  • Maintain and sell Products as a ‘kit’.
  • Enter/Edit purchase orders and receipts.
  • Automatically generate purchase orders to restock inventory.
  • Update inventory items manually.
  • Track sales activity by individual Product or Product range

Flexible Inventory allows you to:-

  • Have industry specific characteristics such as Hazardous Code, Grade, etc
  • Have other business specific characteristics (Shelf Life, Sell By, etc)
  • Track and segregate Inventory by Lot or Batch Number
  • Stock Inventory by multiple Units of Measure and Pack Sizes per product
  • Barcodes