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Without Ostendo you are probably not getting the most from your business

Without the Ostendo solution you probably: -

  • Miss out on sales and service income as the field staff loose the paperwork or simply forget to add in labour or parts to a job, quote or sales order      Ostendo'll fix it
  • Give away technician time as you are not sure what is still covered by warranty or what equipment is covered by which warranty   
  • Write off stock which has passed it's use by date due to newer stock being picked and shipped  
  • Miss repeat service work as you don’t have service plans with automated service reminders and job creation    
  • Need to use purchase and sales order matrices   
  • Would like to have a customer centred view of your activity Ostendo'll fix it
  • Struggle to manage import shipments with ETA dates then manually disperse the costs and charges to get to a landed cost by item   
  • Need traceability for your manufactured and inventory products 
  • Sit in front of your PC running the reports needed for daily, weekly or monthly meetings, or you have to ask for someone else to prepare and distribute the reports  
  • Miss out on income due to lost timesheets or the field staff forget to record their times on site  Fixed2
  • Wish you had detailed project & job costing software which tracks the usage of parts, labour and additional costs by job and project   Ostendo
  • Have some manual way of combining history with projected use or budgets to manage your inventory replenishment    
  • Have files full of drawings and documents for jobs, assemblies and projects  
  • Don't know which jobs are being completed and by who   

Have another problem that Ostendo may help with? then send us a request and we will tell you if Ostendo can help..